Matt Griffin

UX Director in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I’m Matt Griffin, a design leader who cares a whole heck of a lot. I solve deep, gnarly product and organizational problems. I build, empower, aim, and inspire world-class design teams so they can make things people love to use.

I love working with people that make me feel like I’m better at my job, the work is more fun, the mission is more important – and hope to make them feel the same way every day. I seek out people and cultures like this, because I believe it’s one of the most important keys to doing truly great work.

I’ve been at Shopify since 2017, where I’ve lead design and UX for some of the most important products in e-commerce: Shopify Payments, Shopify Capital, Shop Pay, Shop Pay Installments, Shop Cash, Sign in with Shop, Shopify Balance, Billing, Taxes, and more. Currently, I’m UX Director of Payments, where I’m responsible for products which generate over half of Shopify’s revenue.

In the past I’ve:

  • Spent 9.5 years as the founder, CEO, and Head of Design of Bearded, an internationally-recognized, award-winning boutique design agency
  • Given keynote talks at design conferences across the US, in Brazil, and in Australia
  • Published 15 articles for the venerable web design outlet A List Apart and elsewhere, including lots of influential internal writing at Shopify
  • Made a feature length documentary about the web starring Tim Berners-Lee and many other people who were key in the creation of the web
  • Played in a bunch of indie rock bands, toured all over the world, and got kind of famous in Japan in the 90’s

Here are things people have said about me at work recently:

Your impact on Shop is undeniable. It’s been amazing to follow your work on growing Shop Pay from a utility to a trusted brand and delightful experience that people look for when making a purchase decision.
VP, Shopify
Our conversations never fail to lift my spirits, I always feel 10 times better after speaking with you. Your unique perspective always enables me to gain a deeper understanding.
Staff Designer, Shopify
You are an absolute artist when it comes to un-f***-ing some sh**.
UX Director, Shopify